20 Questions with Luke Williams

Get to know our Founder, Luke Williams a little better through our standard 20 questions. A little goofy? Maybe. But we like it…
(Picture taken in front of Wake Forest Coffee)

1. Favorite Movie? Pulp Fiction

2. Batman or Spiderman? Spiderman

3. First Car? Ford Mustang

4. Country you’d like to visit but haven’t? Sweden (Sadly, at the time this was written I have yet to leave the US)

5. Favorite band? The Beatles. Newer band…Welles.

6. Most influential person? Tie – My Parents

7. Actor who you’d play in the movie about your life? Val Kilmer (uncanny resemblance)

8. Do you have an actual bucket list? What’s on it? I do. Extended holiday in Sweden, Surf, Catch a Tuna or Sailfish, Wheel a cart of clearance items from the grocery store to the cashier and buy all the stuff.

9. More likely to exist: ghosts or aliens or BOTH? Aliens

10. Favorite Simple Pleasure? Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean

11. Last book you read/ book you’re reading? Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki. And David’s How to Mind Read Your Customers (of course). Also, writing my first book Live20: Experiencing a Focused Life (stay tuned).

12. Movie you’ll never see? Titanic

13. Family? Wife, 2 daughters, brother ,sister

14. Least favorite mode of transportation? I haven’t been in one, but probably a hot air balloon.

15. Favorite restaurant? Cowfish in Raleigh and Union Oyster House in Boston

16. Best chain restaurant burger? 5 Guys

17. Favorite website? MentalFloss

18. Cheesiest award you’ve won? Best actor in the play fame in high school. I do list the award as an achievement on my LinkedIN profile,

19. Song you’re a little embarrassed to admit you like? MMMM Bop

20. Best knock knock joke? Knock Knock. Who is There? Gorilla. Gorilla Who? Gorilla me a hamburger I’m hungry.

More about Luke: Luke enjoys playing slow pitch softball in his time off and is not nearly as good as he thinks he is. His best days on the field are clearly behind him.

Professionally he has spent most of his years leading sales and operations teams. Over the past decade(ish) with Grab A Cloud he’s worked with start-ups and emerging companies in various capacities.

Linkedin: Luke’s LinkedIN Profile


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