BIO – Luke Williams

Luke Williams is a seasoned Sales and Operational professional who has spent nearly 20 years working with some of the largest organizations in the world. He has experience across numerous verticals and specializes in advanced marketing metrics, call center development, sales and customer service improvement metrics, recruiting, team-building, and corporate sales and marketing strategies. He has helped many Fortune 500-level companies increase their sales and improve customer service quality.

Over the past decade, Luke has led the consulting agency, Grab A Cloud, LLC, which has been partnering with companies to improve their Inside Sales, Lead Generation, and/or Operational performance. His approach is to challenge the status-quo and find creative ways to move the needle on performance. Luke has managed groups of over 300 people and held positions encompassing a great degree of responsibility but keeps a down-to-earth perspective and maybe most importantly, isn’t afraid to work in the trenches– making calls and having conversations with customers and prospects on behalf of his clients

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