GrabACloud: The Early Years

(Picture was from my first GrowCo conference in NoLa – posted my original biz card on a wall in a bar on Bourbon St.)

I wish I had a better story for the reason for the name of the company. I don’t.

The domain was purchased in 2011. GoDaddy tells me it is worth $1,200. The experience in building, pivoting, pivoting again, growing, pivoting some more has been priceless.

Ryan Getz jumped on board early, and I’m grateful he did.

The idea in the beginning (and maybe we’ll get back to this in the future). Was to build a collaborative team – this was well before co-working spaces were on every corner – to work on start-up projects. You have an idea? We’ll help make that a reality! You work on your dream and we’ll do the heavy lifting. The problem, we quickly realized that start-ups don’t have any money when they are in idea phase (pre-pre-revenue) and we didn’t really have any money to be investors/VC’s/Angels.

When I went to my first Inc GrowCo, in New Orleans, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. I new right away that I was ill prepared for what I was setting out to do/become. I was asked by numerous people: “So what does your company do?”
Dang it, my elevator pitch sucked but I was passionate that we were doing something awesome – whatever it was – so I networked and practiced the spiel, met Daymon John, Eric Reis, Guy Kawasaki and Bill Clinton was a speaker. It was a cool experience but was critical because I learned that I didn’t have a clue about what we were doing or what our story was.

We then worked on attracting companies that were pre-rev (and pre-funding) – companies that had ideas or products we believed we could help market and sell. We’d take a rev-share and gamble along side the start-up. That was certainly exciting and a great learning experience but far from profitable.

I’m not sure we have the perfect model today – but we’re getting there. The best of the best on the team and fantastic clients past and present.

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