Value of The Morning Routine

“Win the Morning; Win the Day!”

Recently there has been a lot of talk on podcast and in articles about the importance of developing a morning routine.

I’m a firm believer in a structured routine for getting work done and for working toward big life goals. It happens to be the main topic of my upcoming debut book #Live20: Experienced a Focused Life.

So here is my morning routine. I’d love to hear yours.

6:00 – Up, quick visualization of my big goals
Moment of gratitude for everything I have and have accomplished
6:10 – On the treadmill with a motivational speech going to get my pumped up
6:40 – Daily writing for approximately 20 minutes. (#write20) . I reflect on the previous day, journal my thoughts and ideas, its free-form rambling but I enjoy the time
7:00 – After writing it’s time for coffee and breakfast and a shower
7:15 – Review my daily schedule, agenda (The Path sheets as they will be referred to in #Live20
7:45 – LinkedIN, twitter, blog, news — get caught up with what’s going on. Congratulate other accomplishments, publish an article, engage in a conversation, add some new connections, and accept new ones.
8:00 – Get to work on the big item for the day (the “Frog”)

Note – If I’m traveling or commuting in the am, I’ll either move everything up an hour and/or skip the LinkedIn, etc portion of the day. I use my evening routine to set myself up pretty well to keep my morning routine easy to maintain.