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#Live20:Experiencing A Focused Life

#Live20:Experiencing A Focused Life is a practical guide to time prioritization, building routines, and goal attainment.

Through the Daily Path Agenda you will build your routine that will help take daily steps closer to your Big Picture Vision

#Live20 is a mindset and requires mindfulness, confidence, discipline.

This book helps shape that mindset to get the most out of life, so you are experiencing time and not just spending it.

#Live20 is for work, for home, for people in all stages of their career and life.

If you are struggling with getting things done, in particular getting the right things done; And, if you are tired of responding and reacting to other peoples’ agendas, you will benefit from #Live20.

#Live20 helps you with fundamentals of experiencing a balanced life through the Core20's of meditation, reading, writing, connecting, and walking.

#Live20 requires a mind shift, so be prepared to have your status-quo and comfort zone challenged.

#Live20 is best used in the hands of people who are open to improvement, learning, and working on themselves.

Results may vary, like with most things that matter - you'll get out what you put in. .

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