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Luke H. Williams

Author | Consultant | Speaker

Luke H. Williams was born in Iowa City, Iowa, and remained in his home state until 2008 when he moved with his wife and two daughters to Raleigh, North Carolina. Luke is a life-long entrepreneur and has consulted small business and agencies for two decades. He is best known for founding CancerNeverSleeps and GrabACloud,LLC. Luke laughs at his jokes more than what is probably normal and rarely writes about himself in the third person.

In 2018 Luke released his first full book, #Live20 Experiencing A Focused Life. The book is available wherever books are sold.

Luke has been a seasoned featured speaker and podcast guest for nearly 10 years and is looking forward to opportunities to continue engaging audiences on various topics such as: Company Culture, Human Resources, Management, Writing, and of course the #Live20 method.

Speaking / Podcast Guest

Luke brings enthusiasm and energy that will surely engage your audience. Topics include: company culture, time management, communication, and of course the #Live20 Method.

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Workshops / Training

Work in a small group setting to work on identifying your Goals and Vision. Leave with the tools, motivation, and mindset to build a routine to accomplish whatever you set your sights on. Great for teams of all sizes. Half day or full day sessions available.

Media / Podcast Appearances

Check out podcast episodes and other media on which Luke has been featured.

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Work one-on-one with Luke to help with your specific challenges and obtain specific guidance using the #Live20 Method. Great for entrepreneurs, job seekers, and executives. .